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Industrial Sectional Door Systems

Industrial sectional doors are door systems that prioritize insulation in loading and unloading operations requiring moderate speeds in your facility. They are extremely durable and long-lasting with panels filled with polyurethane on the inside and aluminium on the outside.

Dört tarafı kauçuk fitiller ile donatılan seksiyonel kapılar sızdırmazlık son derece güçlüdür. Otomatik kapı sektöründe son yıllarda hızla büyüyüp tercih edilen bir seçenek haline gelmiştir. Dayanıklı yapısı, uzun ömrü, pratik ve kullanım kolaylığı sebebiyle yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır.

Sectional doors equipped with rubber wicks on all sides are extremely strong insulation. Their market share has grown rapidly and become a preferred option in the automatic door sector in recent years. They are widely used due to its durable structure, long life, practical and ease of use.
Sectional doors are industrial door systems with polyurethane filling, Aluminium coating, visual features, safe, providing dust and thermal insulation, long-lasting, can be produced in desired and fully compatible sizes. These systems, which offer quality solutions to various structural needs, especially garage doors, hangar doors and factory doors, are also in high demand by industrial facilities.


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